Friday, April 19, 2013

Odd fishing opener on tap

The Minnesota fishing opener is three weeks from tomorrow. That’s what the calendar says, anyway.
Brother John with a rainbow trout from Bad Medicine a few years back.

As I sit and look at my white lawn and watch the wind blowing snow off the tree branches, it’s hard to imagine fishing in open water in three weeks. Just this morning I cleared several inches of snow off my driveway. And where I go for the opener, there’s a hell of a lot more snow than that on top of the ice.

As has become our custom, we fish rainbow trout on the walleye opener. The season for both species opens the same day in Minnesota, and there’s just something about trolling haphazardly around Bad Medicine Lake, pulling Rapalas and catching trout. (I don’t care what all you elitist fly fishermen out there think.) It’s a good time –and a mindless good time, at that – on one of the clearest and most beautiful lakes in the state.

The thing about Bad Medicine on the opener is that it’s not always great fishing. Last year, the spring was warm, so the water was warm on the opener. That drives the rainbows down deeper, and we have neither the equipment (downriggers), nor the desire to work that hard for them. 

On the other hand, there have been years when a cold spring meant cold water on the opener, and the fish were near the surface and smashing our skinny Rapalas.

But count me stunned if we wind up on Bad Medicine on the opener this year. I just don’t see how all that ice will be gone in just more than 21 days. Stranger things have happened, I suppose, but I just don’t see it. So the question is whether we’ll find an open lake somewhere and fish for walleyes (highly unlikely), or grab our ice gear and fish the lake on which the deer shack is located. Frankly, neither sounds all that appealing. Given my lack of success at shooting a deer last fall, maybe I’ll spend the weekend in the woods and try to find a new spot for my stand.

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