Thursday, March 7, 2013

An easy exercise in democracy

Among the many beauties of living in the United States is our ability to participate in government. Many people think of that in terms of the elections we hold in November.

But it’s important to stay engaged throughout the year. I’ll admit: I don’t let my state representative and senator, or my members of Congress, know what I’m thinking as often as I should.

This week, though, I did. Specifically, I wrote letters to my state representative – Paul Rosenthal – and my state senator – Melisa Franzen. There are two wildlife-related bills before the state Legislature that I’m concerned about. To date, neither Rosenthal nor Franzen has signed onto the bills, and I’d like to keep it that way.

The Internet makes it very easy to let your elected representatives know what you’re thinking. And they give most weight to letters and emails they receive from people in their districts. The easiest way to start? If you live in Minnesota, click here. To learn who your Congressional representatives are, click here. And if you don’t live in Minnesota and want to know who represents you at the state level, click here to find your state Legislature’s website.

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